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Yonela Tyatyeka  aka Myzolator is a young lesbian hip hop artist in Cape Town, South Africa. When her sister was murdered for also being lesbian Myzolator use her powerful music and words to fight back.

I am an Irish documentary maker. I like to make intimate, observational documentaries that capture the essence and purpose of the people I’m filming with. Just trying to shed some light, share experiences and get people talking.

Girl on the undercard

I’ve spent a large chunk of my working life on the road.  Getting my first break as a researcher with RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, I got to shoot my first report in 1998 while on assignment in Albania during the conflict in Kosovo. Following this I began working as a photographer & videographer with Irish NGO Concern’s emergency response team- documenting their field work in humanitarian crises across the globe before returning to broadcasting as a freelance director.


In 2001 I spent almost a year in Venezuela with co-director Donnacha O’Brien, where we filmed “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (aka “Chavez- Inside the Coup” for broadcast tv) about the failed coup against President Chavez. The documentary won international acclaim and continues to be used in media courses across the world.

I now live in Ireland but grew up in Paris and speak fluent French and Spanish. Above is a link to some of the documentaries I have made & you can also view some clips on Vimeo



The last project of mine to air was the two part documentary series I made with actor John Connors looking at race and ethnicity in the US “Race Matters”. Broadcast on RTE last January, it was edited by Paul Mullen, produced by Aoife Kavanagh, Colm O’Meara on sound and filmed & directed by myself.

The previous documentary myself and John made together, “I Am Traveller“, was nominated for Best Single Documentary in the 2016 Irish Film & Television Awards.

I am currently filming a documentary on the subject of living with schizophrenia and in pre production on a number of other documentaries to be shot over the coming months.